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Start with water.

A new client has started working with me and the only work we are currently doing is on hydration. Food talks or movement are yet to be approached, just embracing the idea of drinking water. This may sound very basic but when the client only drinks caffeinated drinks (I’m not anti tea or coffee by the way, caffeine is a very useful tool) and sugary energy drinks or zero calorie fizzy drinks and NO water this is a concern. If they feel tired and want the energy drink, it spikes blood sugar. The body wants to keep blood sugar levels in homeostasis so it fights the increase in sugar (or things the body thinks are sugar, because of their sweetness) and releases insulin and the insulin stores away the sugar as fat. As this process occurs, accordingly, we feel tired, due to the peaks and troughs in our blood sugar. I’ve not set any goals for my client in terms of the amount of water they should consume, I merely right now want to create the habit of drinking water. (I’d usually suggest drinking to thirst by the way, it doesn’t need to be gallons of the stuff)

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