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A hobby of mine is restoration, I like taking things apart, working out what’s wrong or has been neglected over the years and then taking the time to adjust, repair or reset the mechanics before putting things back together to work as they should.I often encounter the same issues with training people, looking at how they move and analysing issues they might be carrying as well as things that may of not been taught so well in the past. The average career length of a personal trainer is 18 months before they move on to another career. This saddens me because it never allows the individual to learn more and accordingly gain the experience to help clients with their goals (creating habits) I’ve been teaching now for 15 years and I’m very fortunate to have found CrossFit when I did but also that I have the kind of mind that wants to assess and problem solve client’s movements and help them move better and attain greater fitness as a result. The rowing machine pictured is a 1990 concept 2 model B, it will be dismantled, cleaned and parts repaired and replaced as needed, ready for more work.

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