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It’s never the perfect time.

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I’m fighting the urge to start this post with it’s interesting, it seems a phrase I use too much in conversation or when teaching but I think it’s actually relevant, a client we’ve trained through her introduction sessions at CrossFit Hove hasn’t managed to get into class, the reason being they said they needed to have their sleep perfect, their food perfect, no alcohol and less stress, and this I find interesting as life is never perfect nor can it be, to hold back on training because of X, Y or X is denying yourself the opportunity to be fitter, it’s fine to train tired, hungry or any of these things that happen in normal life, you will still get fitter.

To get over this stumbling block we look at Pareto’s law, also known as the rule of 80/20, we aim at this, not perfection, not the 100%, there we can find our fitness, sleep will improve, feeling fitter will help make better choices with food or avoiding alcohol, you just have to start.

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