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Goals Vs Habits

I remember a long time ago, possibly 16 years training with a friend in Hassocks in the local gym down there and being approached by a PT and being asked “what are you training for?” It struck me then as an odd question as I’ve always trained, from an early teenager (perhaps earlier) to obviously now. I’ve had training goals but the thing that has kept me training is not a goal but a habit. As I’ve seen through my training career working with many different people, people having goals, achieving them and then having a sense of what next? The thing that they didn’t realise is that by achieving their goal, they break the good habit they’ve created. I’m not saying don’t have goals, I do, I’m still working towards my overhead squat goal and I want to row a half marathon in December but these goals are markers on a course, not a finish post. The ultimate goal is to stay healthy for as long as is humanly possible and the habit of regular training will help with that goal. If you need a hand getting into the habit of regular training I’m happy to help.

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