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A little more progress.

As we progress forward with the “tidying” of the hut it reminds me of how long a journey it has been. We were one of the original CrossFit affilates in the UK (no7 to be precise)

The landscape was very different back then, CrossFit as a methodology for training was very underground, totally different from the “back and biceps” brigade that used to fill 99% of gyms.

We started as CrossFit West Sussex, based in Worthing, training clients in an old school hall, out of my garage and even at the back of a local pub.

We soon found small premises (a double garage at the back of a print shop) and we grew and relocated into CrossFit Hove, where we stayed for the last 13 years.

The pandemic altered the landscape of fitness radically and we moved to Comrie during lockdown, now I’m pleased to say that we can very soon open CrossFit Cultybraggan and again help grow a fitter community.

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